Individual coaching and career services


Matomo provides the following services – one-to-one coaching; career change; career development and stress management.


Coaching covers a wide range of issues and is always tailored to a client’s needs. Some common issues are:

Usually you will need a minimum of six sessions over a three month period to achieve results.

Career Change

People who are unhappy in their current role, feeling stuck and wondering what other jobs they may be able to do, often need help and support to make the necessary changes.

There is a structured initial consultation followed by a minimum of four sessions. A number of exercises and techniques are used to clarify values, motivators, transferable skills and aspirations.

From these a career path will become clearer and practical advice and support is offered to assist with a career transition.

Career Development

Career development is for people who are keen to advance in their chosen career but are unsure how to progress and find the opportunities. They may be trying to improve influencing skills and self marketing to achieve promotion; unsure what the next career move should be; or just needing to look objectively at their career.

The service starts with an initial consultation followed by a minimum of four sessions. Exercises are focussed on self awareness, the work environment, setting goals, developing a career plan and making it happen.

Stress Management

Stress management is for people who are feeling that life is out of balance, work stress is impacting the rest of their life and there are physical and emotional symptoms of stress.

An initial consultation is followed by a minimum of six sessions designed to help identify personal stressors, learn ways of dealing with them and provide support to make necessary changes in life.